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18th August 2009 - Batavia, IL..DZero collision hall and DZero control room, at Fermilab...George Ginther from Fermilab standing on a ladder next to the Forward Muon Detectors make up what is referred to as the "Cathedral" at DZero.  ..More than two million times a second, proton-antiproton collisions create showers of new particles at the center of both CDF and DZero detectors, which record each particle's flight path, energy and electric charge. Working in shifts, physicists monitor the proper functioning of the detectors 24 hours a day. In 1995, physicists from both experiments observed the first top quarks ever produced by accelerators. ..Photo Credit: Heather A. Lindquist/SIPA..
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Heather A. Lindquist/SIPA

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